from dorset, living in london


whilst studying at bournemouth arts university he began to assist set designer shona heath. with the freedom to create and see it transform a scene, it confirmed the approach to his ideas could work. soon after he joined the team of tim walker where he stayed as a long term assistant. during his time as an assistant he was also a loyal member of nick knight's photographic team.

there is a reference to nature throughout his initial plans, this somehow gives the project a grounding and allows a Graphic Atmosphere to grow and take shape. his more analogue approach to creating work references the hand made charm of Matte painting over cgi. by using in-camera effects and predominantly his own construction of Sets and props there is a physical side to sculpting the final images.


Clients : Tom Ford / puma / reiss / the unseen / jo malone


publications : chaos sixty nine / dazed / hunger / red thread